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Question: Is chiropractic something new?

Answer: No. It’s more than 100 years old. In fact, chiropractic is the second largest primary healthcare provider in the Western World. So relax, you are not coming to an experimental form of healthcare. It is one of the safest and most effective forms of healthcare.

Question: Does chiropractic work?

Answer: We suggest that you consider a report from WebMD. A large study of research data that occurred over a four year period, which was taken from nearly 2 million patients, found that 700,000 patients were on a healthcare plan that included chiropractic care in comparison to 1 million patients on a healthcare plan that did not include chiropractic care. After following these 1.7 million patients for four years, here’s what was found about the 700,000 patients who had chiropractic care.

– Chiropractic care cut the cost of treating back pain by 28% compared to those who did not have chiropractic care.

Back surgeries were reduced by a whopping 32%; that’s one in every three people.

– One-third less surgeries resulted in reduced hospitalization by 41%.

By choosing chiropractic care, you’re giving the body a chance to heal before resorting to the use of drugs or surgery. It’s a natural choice.

Question: Does chiropractic hurt?

Answer: The final statistic in this four year study is probably the most important one in answering that question. The WebMD study found the satisfaction rate with chiropractic care to be 95%. You can’t find any type of healthcare with a higher satisfaction rate than that, and it certainly wouldn’t be true if it were painful or ineffective. If you want care that has proven itself to be safe and effective, chiropractic care makes sense.

Question: What causes back pain?

Answer: When you stop and think about it, it’s easy to understand that the activities you do during even a normal day puts a lot of stress, strain, wear and tear on your spine. If you allow this to go untreated for an extended period of time, you will often experience a misalignment of the spine, causing the joints to not move properly. This results in pressure and irritation being placed upon your nerves in those misaligned areas, resulting in pain. It can even cause problems for the organs or body parts where those nerves are connected. You may have heard this referred to as a pinched nerve, because that describes what is happening. But the problems you are experiencing are actually called subluxations.

Question: What is the solution?

Answer: Many people start taking pain killers, like aspirin or Tylenol or Advil, which masks the pain but does not move the vertebrae back to the proper position. In other words, you still have the problem. The solution is to gradually move your spine back to its proper alignment and then keep it there. This requires chiropractic adjustments. The adjustment gently moves the vertebrae back into their proper position, taking the pressure off of the nerves, reducing inflammation, and also restoring mobility to the spine. A chiropractor is the only physician trained and licensed to treat you with chiropractic adjustments.

Question: Am I going to have this problem the rest of my life?

Answer: Once you achieve a stable condition, you need to maintain your spine like you do your teeth. After all, if you never maintained your teeth, you can be sure they would eventually fall out. If you never maintain your spine, you can be sure it will “go out.” We will recommend a program for you that will not only get you back to health but also will keep you there. We want to help you enjoy total health and wellness for the rest of your life, and we can help you achieve it naturally with chiropractic care.

Question: What makes Chiro-Med a Five-Star Quality clinic?

Answer: Our doctors’ higher education and clinical years of experience makes a difference with your health outcomes and ensures Five-Star Quality Service and Care. We are specialists who have successfully treated more than 750,000 patients for 30+ years. Our Five-Star Quality Service Award for exceptional chiropractic patient care is a prestigious honor that is awarded to only 1% of chiropractic clinics nationwide.

Question: What type of care can I receive at Chiro-Med?

Answer: We treat auto accident and personal injuries, worker’s compensation cases if you are hurt at work, sports injuries, and provide post-surgical rehabilitation care, preventive and wellness care, and so much more. We care for infants to seniors with chiropractic, rehabilitation and wellness care in one convenient location, 6 days a week.

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