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Five Star Patient Care

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Chiro-Med achieved the Five Star Quality Service Award for exceptional patient care, an honor only 1% of U.S. chiropractic clinics attain.

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No Waiting chiropractic-no-waiting

Our computerized office system accommodates our five-minute to no-wait policy. Walk-ins are always welcome, immediate appointments are available, and doctors are on-site to treat patients six days a week.

We Respect Your Privacy consultantroom_small

Our one-on-one consultation room allows us to privately take patient histories.  It also allows the doctor to help patients fully understand their spinal conditions and determine health goals. The room’s atmosphere helps the patient feel more comfortable to discuss any personal health issues.

X-Rays Done On-Site chiropractic-xrays

Our private exam room houses on-site diagnostic, x-ray, and development equipment for prompt, immediate processing, as well as patient convenience. This technology provides comprehensive and timely results, ensuring accurate diagnostic images and treatment plans.

State-of-the-art Facility therapy_bays_small

Chiro-Med offers advanced physical therapy modalities for proper healing of the spinal and soft tissue structures, as well as helping with pain control. Therapy modalities include: interferential current, Russian stim, ultrasound, light therapy/infrared, thermo, and cryotherapy.

Personalized Rehabilitation personalize-rehab

Our in-house rehabilitation services are personalized to achieve positive clinical outcomes, using a combination of cardiovascular endurance, flexibility techniques, strength conditioning, and proprioception/balance re-training for maximum healing and prevention of future injuries.

Medical & Diagnostic Referrals Chiropractic Referrals

Our doctors work with physicians and specialists, who offer both traditional and holistic medical options, to provide you prescription services, pain management options, wellness counseling, injection therapy and surgical consultations.

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