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Experiencing Low Back Pain: Choose Chiropractic Care at Chiro-Med S.C.

“Americans spend roughly $380 billion on the treatment of neck and low back pain, upper or lower limb pain, and other musculoskeletal disorders a year,” according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations.  It’s important to understand the importance of the components of low back pain and the treatment approach of proper chiropractic care, especially with the use of chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy modalities.  The chiropractors at Chiro-Med S.C. treat low back pain for patients of all ages and follow proper treatment protocols to achieve excellent patient outcomes.

A Brief Understanding of the Anatomy of the Low Back

To understand low back pain, a brief understanding of the anatomy of the spine is needed.  The low back is made up of the following anatomical parts:

  • the Lumbar Spine
    (5 vertebra),
  • the Pelvis R+L (Ili),
  • the Sacrum/Coccyx, and
  • the Muscles and Ligaments that hold these structures together.

Within these structures are parts, such as Discs, Facets, and the Peripheral Nerves System that make up the Low Back Complex.  The nerves that exit the lumbar spine provide two main functions, which are:

  • to supply sensation to the lower back and lower legs, and
  • to supply the neuro stimulation to the muscles that power the lower legs and the core, which are the muscles that support the spine, pelvis, and shoulders.

This Low Back Complex of bones and soft tissues gives support and flexibility to the upper and lower body, which is necessary for the human body to function.  These motions allow the human body to perform normal activities of daily living, such as walking, standing, sitting, bending, and lifting. When the body doesn’t function correctly, the human brain will then perceive pain.  Pain can be caused by an injury, which is acute pain, or long-term degeneration of one or more parts of the Low Back Complex, which causes chronic pain.  The human’s perception of how bad low back or leg pain is depends on the extent of the injury or how long the degenerative process has been present and also dictates the amount of inflammation.  More inflammation results in more pain.

Proper Chiropractic Care of Low Back and Leg Pain

Proper treatment of low back and leg pain starts with a patient’s history.  The chiropractor sits one-on-one with the patient and asks a series of questions to understand what the patient is feeling and how to properly treat the condition.  A proper history performed will give an experienced chiropractor 90% of the diagnosis or what is affecting the patient. The remaining 10% will be determined from a proper physical examination and further backed by diagnostics, such as digital x-rays. If a Doctor of Chiropractic performs a proper history, a proper physical examination, appropriate diagnostics, and has the clinical and educational expertise, an appropriate treatment plan can be formulated for the patient. An appropriate treatment plan will help achieve good clinical outcomes, and the response to treatment will be highly effective.

The Chiropractic Care Model prioritizes non-surgical treatment approaches to successfully treat all types of low back pain.  Chiropractic care focuses on the disease that is causing the inflammation and pain and on correcting the problem to allow for normal biomechanical and soft tissue function to occur.  The disease process was present long before the pain; pain is always the last to show up in this process unless there was a trauma. This reduction of pain and inflammation is performed with two major system corrections:

Correction 1:  Promote proper musculoskeletal function or movement in the joints. Chiropractic adjustments of the spine and extremities increase range of motion and are performed either manually or mechanically based on the patient’s therapeutic needs.

Correction 2:  Allow the muscles and ligaments to properly heal with as little scarring as possible by utilizing proper physical therapy modalities and treatments.  Chiro-Med S.C. utilizes physical therapy modalities, including:

  • moist hot packs/cold packs,
  • therapeutic ultrasound,
  • multiple electrical stimulations,
  • infrared current,
  • laser therapy,
  • superficial dry needling,
  • cervical/lumbar/intersegmental traction-decompression, and
  • home-based core and/or extremity exercises.

This treatment approach will decrease the occurrence of the same injuries as aging occurs and decrease the occurrence of degenerative diseases such as arthritis.

Clinical Expertise and Education Matters

According to the American Chiropractic Association, “chiropractic is a regulated healthcare profession in the United States and has been for more than 100 years.”  Having treated patients for the past 36 years, Chiro-Med S.C. chiropractors have the clinical and educational expertise to combine effective chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy modalities to treat low back pain by reducing pain and inflammation, as well as improving the range of motion or function.

Chiro-Med S.C. chiropractors
have successfully treated more than 750,000 patients in
the past 36 years in Waukesha County.

The chiropractic care and treatment approach at Chiro-Med helps the patient return to normal activities of daily living and promotes the highest quality of life, especially as aging occurs.  Chiro-Med chiropractors treat patients of all ages from infants to patients who are 90+ years old.

The chiropractors at Chiro-Med S.C. have successfully treated more than 750,000 patients in Waukesha County.  The chiropractors and staff strive to provide 5-Star Quality Patient Care, which is accomplished with good communication between patients, the chiropractors, and all support staff at our new modern clinic.  For immediate or same day care, patients can walk in during patient hours to be seen by one of the chiropractors.  Chiropractic care is a wise choice because it offers an effective treatment for health and wellness.