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Chiro-Med follows health & safety guidelines

We continuously clean the clinic.

The chiropractors, certified chiropractic technicians, and staff at Chiro-Med S.C. know how important it is to keep the clinic clean for patient health and safety.  We have additional staff scheduled to ensure proper cleaning of the entire clinic.  The staff uses only EPA-approved cleaners.

We sanitize the clinic.

In addition to cleaning, the Chiro-Med staff also ensures that all equipment and surfaces are sanitized between patients.  “We pay attention to the details, including door handles, light switches, countertops, pens, and more,” said Kaley, the Clinic Administrator.  The staff also sanitizes the waiting area chairs and keeps a protective shield in place at the Front Desk for patient check-in processes.  Moreover, Chiro-Med uses an industrial air purifier every day between high risk patients and after clinic hours.

We take protective measures.

All of the chiropractors and clinic staff wash hands with sanitizing soap and water for 20 seconds or more and dry with a paper towel, as well as having access to alcohol-based sanitizers at the Front Desk, in Treatment Rooms, and in the Physical Therapy areas.  The face paper technique further protects patients in Adjustment Rooms.

We offer patients options.

Chiro-Med offers patients options.  We have masks available, and our doctors and staff will wear one, at your request, when treating you.  Patients also can request an appointment time that minimizes contact with others.  Additionally, patients can request a private treatment bay or area when at the clinic.

The chiropractors and staff care about our patients and we are here to help relieve your pain, restore function, and keep you healthy.